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How Mantras Benefit the Mind and Body

Five ways mantras make you feel better

Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Anxious? Mantras can help.

When the mind starts churning and gets itself stuck, it rarely parks itself in a place we want to be. My unconscious minds loves to remind me of everything I've ever done, said or been told that was cringy, destructive, or down-right painful.

It's unproductive to stay with negative emotions, frustrating situations, or recollections of a difficult person if our mind is in this uncontrolled state.

So, take control of your thoughts with a mantra.

If you want to make sure you know what a mantra is or need some help on where to find one, I've got you covered.

Now, let's examine why it's a good idea to use mantras.

Mantras interrupt thought patterns

Let's be honest: not too many of our thoughts are original. What I mean by that is we sort of have scripts in our heads and they run on autopilot.

If you feel embarrassed, a particular script starts to play and you say to yourself the same (probably disparaging) things you've said to yourself for-ever.

Having a mantra practice gives you a chance to be mindful. Indeed, mantras lead to mindfulness , but also mindfulness opens up opportunities to use mantras.

Every habit has a triggering event, such as brushing your teeth before bed or eating an entire pint of ice cream a difficult day at work. Habit: good hygiene. Trigger: time of day.

Using a mantra will make you mindful of when that triggering event happens so you can cut it off. Using your conscious thoughts to notice your unconscious and habitual reactions is mindfulness.

Mantras focus the mind

If scattered, fragmented thoughts plague you, then mantras can help. Mantras are like a landing pad for your brain. Instead of thinking all the things at once, purposefully spend a couple breaths only thinking about one thing.

The words of the mantra will occupy your mind and will help change that script that plays in your head.

It's your choice where your mind goes, so provide it something nourishing and healthy to zero in on.

Mantras facilitate introspection

If you're using a mantra and your mind starts to go somewhere, let it . Stick with the mantra and direct to it search for some insights.

Mantras help you understand yourself better.

The answers you seek are probably already inside you, but in a challenging moment, you forget. Your accomplishments, the good things you've done, the kindnesses and gifts that have been bestowed on you get lost or drowned out by the noise.

With a quiet mind, you can return to your true self/ Use the mantra to bring back to the surface the lessons you've learned and the wisdom you possess.

Mantras create a sense of calm

When you're feeling stressed or anxious, your body goes into fight or flight mode, and your breathing becomes shallow and rapid.

Becoming mindful of your breath is easier to do if you use a mantra. The rhythm of the breath can easily be matched to your mantra, helping you find a slower pace for your inhales and exhales.

Using a mantra with slower, deeper breaths activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which signals your body that it's safe to relax.

Mantras are a connection to your intention

Mantras are building blocks for your intentions. They prepare your mind for the actions you need to take to make your intention a reality.

For example, a mantra like "I am worthy" can be used to support the intention of building self-confidence and self-esteem.

Mantra Monday: a weekly mantra + mindfulness tips

Mantras have been used for centuries and I want to share their power with every busy, stressed, and anxious person who doesn't have time to meditate.

Mantras are known for their ability to calm the mind, increase focus, and promote relaxation - all of which I need more of in my life.

By repeating a mantra, I am able to momentarily quiet the constant chatter of my thoughts and focus attention, which I've found leads to improved productivity, better decision-making, and a greater sense of clarity.

Overall, the practice of mantra repetition has numerous benefits for both the body and mind. Whether you are looking to reduce stress, improve your mood, or increase your focus, incorporating mantras into your daily routine can be a powerful tool for achieving your goals.

My instagram offers a weekly mantra to try, plus easy tips for seamlessly injecting some mindfulness into your hectic day.

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