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The Gift of Mindfulness

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom mini mantra shelfie?

These small, colorful paintings are a visual cue to pause, take a breath, and say something kind to yourself. They are personal reminders to return to the present moment.

What is a mini mantra?

A mini mantra is a short phrase - usually 1-4 words long - that you can match with your breath. Many mantras start with "I am" or "Be". 

What does it mean that the mantra is "energetically embedded" into the painting?

While making your personal painting, I use the mantra myself, repeating it silently as I work. This gives me the chance to practice meditating using the mantra and in this way, the mantra's energy works into both me and the painting. 

What does it mean that the mantra is "manually embedded" into the painting?

The oil paint is applied in layers and each layer contains the mantra. I scratch it into dried paint, scribble or write it with pencils and oil pastels, I imprint it on papers that then collage it into the work, and more. Over and over the mantra is added into the painting and then covered up and obscured.

Will I be able to see the words of the mantra at all?
It's unlikely that the words of the mantra within the painting will be very readable. However, mini mantra shelfies have a 2" edge on which I have handwritten in connected script your personal mantra. You will be able to read it from any angle, no matter how you display the work. The connected script represents the flow of inhales and exhales of the breath.

How do I choose a mini mantra for my painting?

Perhaps there's already a phrase that you have embraced as a personal mantra - that would be the obvious choice. You could also select something aspirational, that you're working on improving in your life.

The mantra should be 1-4 short words / 12 letters max. If you need help, this list offers more than 100 ideas. 

What should I do with my painting?

Hang it on a wall, set it on a shelf or bookcase, or place it on your desk. The best place to put it is somewhere you will see it frequently. Scroll through the photos below for inspiration. And then every time you gaze upon the painting, take a breath and say the mantra to yourself.

How will using a mini mantra help me?

Matching the mantra to your breath will provide a moment a calm. Rather than a meditation session that requires a particular setting and conditions, a mini mantra can be said silently during the chaos of life to deliver a moment of inner peace.

Redeem Your
Mini Mantra Shelfie Gift Certificate
Complete this form to customize your mini mantra shelfie.
examples: I am loveable;  Be fearless; Let go; 
Easy, Gentle, Joy; I find balance; Together we rise
For more inspiration, check out this list.
Work will begin soon on your custom oil painting embedded with your personal mantra. Orders typically take approximately 3 weeks to be fulfilled (the paint is applied in layers and oil paint has a long dry time.)

You can email
if you have any questions.

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