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intention stones

a tactile reminder

Rocks represent strength and stability, as well as inflexibility and stubbornness. Stones however, are smaller pieces of much larger rocks, a reminder that it is possible to chip away at even seemingly immovable objects.


Instead of an obstacle, a stone is an asset. Stones are pathways that give us footing on unstable ground; they are a means for crossing a stream, an aid for progress. 

Groups or stacks of stones are often referred to by the Scottish Gaelic term cairns. Across cultures and for thousands of years, stacked stones have been used to mark significant places such as a path or a burial site. In the Bible, rock piles were used to create alters.


Stone stacking is a meditative practice requiring patience. The time and care it takes to achieve balance gives you the chance to reflect on each intention that the rocks signify. 


Carrying a small stone with you is a tactile reminder of your intention, thus the dimensionality of the intention stone paintings.


The metallic and iridescent elements of the painting represent the precious treasure sometimes found inside the hard exterior of rocks.


By collecting multiple intention stone paintings and hanging them in a grid or row, you can build your own personal cairn.

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