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I feel fear and I do it anyway // mantra series
the future doesn't frighten me // mantra series

custom brave chairs by txtur


an energetic message

During meditation, a mantra is repeated to match the breath, providing a rhythm for slow and steady breathing that spreads calm and stillness. 

Drowned out by the mantra, your wandering thoughts will continue to cycle, but are muted to a gentle and non-distracting hum. Use of a mantra during meditation focuses your heart on a specific intention that your mind can explore.

Similar to a personal mantra that is embedded deeply in you, each mantra painting is the embodiment of the energy of a particular mantra. The mantra was repeatedly written, scraped, scratched, etched, traced, and imprinted into the dozens of layers of paint. 


Color blocking highlights containers that hold the mantra and are areas for the mind to explore. The color blocks serve as boundaries and barriers, yet there is an interplay between the colors, magnifying the positive and negative space, and providing contrast.


The power of the mantra is amplified in each painting by rich, bold jewel tones. Metallic and iridescent materials represent the treasures waiting to be uncovered inside you during quiet contemplation. Additionally, the reflective surfaces are a mirror, bouncing off light and revealing what is in front of it. 

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