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Carrying a small stone in your pocket or holding it during meditation is a tactile reminder of your intention.


+ Paintings in the Intention Stone series are float-mounted on linen and set inside 9in x 9in frames ready-to-hang


Like treasure buried in rocks, the metallic materials in the painting epresent the wealth of wisdom waiting to be uncovered during quiet contemplation.


Stones are smaller pieces of much larger rocks, proof that it is possible to chip away at even seemingly immovable objects. Instead of an obstacle, a stone is an asset. Stones are pathways that provide footing on unstable ground.


Across cultures and for thousands of years, stacked stones have been used to mark significant and sacred places.


Groups or piles of stones are often referred to by the Scottish Gaelic term 'cairns'.  By collecting multiple Intention Stone paintings and hanging them in a grid , stack, or row, you can build your own personal cairn.


Additionally, stone stacking is a meditative practice requiring patience. The time and care it takes to achieve balance is an opportunity to reflect on each intention that the rocks signify. 

loving kindness // intention stone

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