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Stealth Meditation Is Mindfulness On-The-Go

Stealth mindfulness. It's a thing (at least it is now that I made it up).

I got the idea of stealth mindfulness from my mini mantra shelfie paintings, which I created as a way to help collectors sneak a bit a mindfulness into any home décor no matter the space and budget constraints.

Our minds and our schedules are just as crammed full as our homes, so that's where stealth mindfulness comes in.

I'm here to tell you that anyone can incorporate a mantra practice into their daily life. Real life. Messy life. No home yoga studio or meditation corner needed.

mini mantra shelfie painting by Amanda Marko
photo by Jennifer Hayward

Instead of cramming one more to-dos into your already jam-packed, over-committed, stretched-too-thin life, I'm going to show you how to easily incorporate mini mantra mindfulness into the flow of your life.

Yes, you can become mindful by using mini mantras paired with mini meditation sessions.

A mini mantra, you say?

A mini mantra is a short phrase - usually 1-4 words long - that you match with your breath. Many mantras start with "I am" or "Be" but there are infinite amount of mantras available to you. It's important to find one that works for you.

I've compiled a list of more than 100 mantras to inspire you to find one for yourself. These are what I call mini mantras. Each mantra is between one and five short words. They are positive thoughts in English. They are familiar, aspirational, inspirational, and introspective.

When you pick a mantra, the superficial meaning might be what grabs you, but what the simple little mini mantra has to teach you about yourself is nothing short of profound.

These short mantras are designed to be easy to remember and easy to use. Mini mantras are tools for bringing you to the present moment, helping you find inner peace, and discovering truths about yourself.

Pair the mini mantra with your breath to come into the present moment - and now you're meditating.

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