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More than 100 Short Mantras for Meditation

Finding a mini mantra for mindfulness meditation

A mini mantra is a tool for mindfulness meditation. Their short length make them easy to remember and easy to pair to the breath. These mantras are between one and five words.

Maybe you have a mantra already - something that you say to yourself that serves to bring you back the present moment and gives you a tiny a pause between your thoughts and actions.

Good for you! You could take that mantra a step further and develop a mini mantra meditation practice. I made an easy guide to pairing breath with short mantras to create moments of mindfulness.

However, if you don't already use a mantra, don't panic. Instead, let these 100 short mantras inspire you. Pick one from the list or make up your own and then start using it during your mini mantra meditation to create a meditation practice that works with your busy schedule.

I've used many of these mantra myself, even putting them into my mini mantra shelfie paintings to serve as a colorful reminder to breathe, be present, and say something kind to myself.

One Word Mantras


Breath Consistency











Two Word Mantras

Be accepting

Be confident

Be loving

Be yourself

Embrace change

Find joy

Forward progress

Give grace

Go easy Have faith

I am I change

I surrender

Just breathe

Let go

Live fully

Live simply

Love deeply

Show gratitude

Slow down

Stay humble

Take pride

Try again

Three word mantras

All is well Anything is possible

Better than yesterday

Breathe in peace

Find the pause

Happiness is within

I am changing

I am competent

I am confident

I am enough

I am fearless

I am generous

I am gentle

I am lovable

I am loving

I am mindful

I am open

I am persistent

I am powerful

I am resilient

I am wise

I am worthy

I celebrate myself

I choose love

I have faith

I hold space

I love myself

I release control

I rise up

I see clearly

I trust myself

Less is more

Live on purpose Love always wins

My body knows

My heart knows

My soul soars

Path is choice

Progress not perfection

Resistance is futile

Four Word Mantras

Abundance flow to me Change starts with me

Fate loves the fearless

I am already perfect

I am the change

I can handle this I follow my bliss

I have no expectations

I listen to myself

Inhale here.

Exhale now.

It is my choice

I walk with joy

Lean into the light Love flow through me My heart is open

My light shines bright

My potential is limitless

My spirit is tranquil

New mercy every morning

Open heart. Open mind.

Take the next step

The answers are within

The way is forward

This moment is perfect

This too shall pass

Five Word Mantras

All we have is now

I can and I will


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