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Guide to Mini Mantra Meditations

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Short mantras with big moments of mindfulness

You probably know you should meditate. But you think that you're bad at it, plus you definitely don't have time for it.

First of all, you're not bad at it. It's a called a "practice" for a reason. You'll have good days and bad days.

As for having the time to devote to it, I'm here to tell you that anyone can incorporate a mantra meditation practice into their daily life. Real life. Messy life. No home yoga studio or meditation corner needed.

Instead of cramming one more to-do into your already jam-packed, over-committed, stretched-too-thin life, I'm going to show you how to easily incorporate mini mantra meditations into the flow of your life.

Yes, you can become a meditator by using mini mantras paired with mini meditation sessions.

A mini mantra, you say?

A mini mantra is a short phrase - usually 1-4 words long - that you match with your breath. Many mantras start with "I am" or "Be" but there are infinite amount of mantras available to you. It's important to find one that works for you.

I've compiled a list of more than 100 mantras to inspire you to find one for yourself. These are what I call mini mantras. Each mantra is between one and five short words. They are positive thoughts in English. They are familiar, aspirational, inspirational, and introspective.

When you pick a mantra, the superficial meaning might be what grabs you, but what the simple little mini mantra has to teach you about yourself is nothing short of profound.

These short mantras are designed to be easy to remember and easy to use. Mini mantras are tools for bringing you to the present moment, helping you find inner peace, and discovering truths about yourself.

Pair mantra with breath and now you're meditating

Meditation is simple, but it's also hard.

It's simple because it sort of feels like you're not doing much. And it's hard because you have to force yourself to not do much.


But you can do it.

The easiest, quickest, fastest, most pain-free way to meditate is to concentrate on your breath while using your mantra. This pairing of mind and body will get you meditating in no time. Just the time that passes when you take a single breath. And since I assume you are currently at this very moment breathing, then you're just going to become aware of it probably for the first time all day (or week or month or ever).

There are two ways to synch your breath with the mantra.

  1. Split the mantra in two and say the complete mantra during a single breath session. In this case, you would say half the mantra with your inhale. And then say half with the exhale. For example: Inhale while thinking "I am" and exhale while thinking "enough."

  2. Say the entire mantra with each inhale and each exhale. This works best with very short mantras, especially one word mantras. Simply think your mantra on an inhale that lasts about 4 seconds, pause for 2-4 seconds to find the space between the breaths, and then exhale for about 4 seconds while again staying the mantra.

Either way, strive to even out your breaths, making sure to inhale deeply and exhale completely each time. There is no right or wrong way. Just practice until you feel ease.

Matching the mantra to your breath will provide a moment a calm. Rather than a meditation session that requires a particular setting and conditions, a mini mantra can be said silently during the chaos of life to deliver a moment of inner peace.

How long should a mini mantra meditation session last?

The best thing about a mini mantra meditation session is it is short and effective.

It can last just one breath. Seriously. That's enough. That's your moment of mindfulness that brings you into the present moment so that you can deal with your busy and chaotic day.

Realistically, you'll likely find that a few more breaths are both possible and considerably more calming. I would recommend striving for 3-4 breaths at a time and then build up.

How often should do mini mantra meditations?

There is no limit. And since they are both non-invasive and effective, you will find yourself saying your short mantra while breathing more and more. Train yourself to use these mini mantra mindfulness meditations several times a day.

When should I do mini mantra meditations?

The easiest way to remember to use your mini mantra meditation is to have a trigger or cue.

This could be:

  • a person - one who drives you mad or one that you love unconditionally or one you see every day like the Amazon delivery driver

  • a sound the ding of the microwave oven or the scream of a siren

  • a visual cue like my mini mantra shelfie paintings or the sight of your front door as you come up the driveway

  • a feeling of anxiety or a sense of dread

  • a location such as the bathroom or the grocery store parking lot

  • an activity such as waiting in line, blow drying your hair, or loading the dishwasher

Turning a daily occurrence into reminder to use your mini mantra meditation will ensure you will have moments of mindfulness each and every day.

And then you'll be able to say with pride: I am a meditator.

Remember: If you don't have a mini mantra already, check out the list of more than 100 short mantras that I have compiled for inspiration.

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