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How to Make a Personal Mantra

Guide crafting a personal mantra to use during meditation

how to make a personal mantra

A personalized mantra that is all your very own is at your fingertips. Any of these three methods work. Give them each a try to make a mantra that is personal to you.

method 1 for making a personal mantra

Method 1: Make a Personal Mantra That Starts With I AM

Focus on all that you, not what you are not.

Reinforce the positive. For once, step fully into the attribute and feelings that are quintessentially you.

We spend too much time focusing on what we are not. Using a mantra that captures all that you are is a beautiful way to connect with the present moment. Feelings of gratitude and peace often accompany the use of I AM mantras.

method 2 for making a personal mantra

Method 2: Make a Personal Mantra That Conveys What You Are Becoming

Recognize that change is underway - if you don't feel it yet - by listing what you are in the process of becoming.

Enhance your personal growth and development by exploring what you are becoming. Then turn those attributes into BE mantras.

By declaring it so, it will become so.

BE mantras make are gentle and encouraging. They help you recognize the progress you have made and envision that future state you are striving for.

method 3 for making a personal mantra

Method 3: Make a Personal Mantra That Re-Purposes Familiar Quotes

Cliched statements are popular for a reason - there's truth in there.

Revive a tired quote or well-worn pop song lyric by using it as a mantra that you deeply explore.

The meanings you undercover and the depth of your introspection are not limited by a seemingly superficial platitude. By connecting your breath to the mantra and the mantra to your intention, you will

Additional Advice For Making a Personal Mantra

Personally, I don't stick to just one method - some of my mantras start with I AM and BE. Others are familiar sayings. What's most important is to find one that you connect with.

If none of these methods work for you, check this list of more than 100 mini mantras for you to choose from or to inspire you.

I'd love to hear what mantras you've made for yourself.

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